Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Acts

Keeping up with my New Years resolution of daily random acts of kindness. Have missed a few days here and there but have tried to "double up" the following days and I think I'm ahead. I try and keep it simple, the kind of stuff anyone could do. And along the way here and there I keep looking for really fun ways to make someone's day. Some entries from my "Random Acts 2010 Journal"..........

Paid for the lady's coffee in the car behind me at Starbucks yesterday afternoon.
Paid for a kids lunch who was behind me in line at McD's....couldn't see him too well in the rear view mirror, but he seemed to be right around the age of my sons.
Cleaned up someone else's trash.
Let three cars into traffic ahead of me during the evening commute. Snowy, nasty. We all wanted to just get home.
Offered to stop at the drugstore for a co-worker who is home sick and couldn't get out.
Chose to forgive someone who really hurt me this week and choose to believe it wasn't intentional.
Emailed my last professor to tell her how much I enjoyed her class.

Just little stuff. But it sure is fun.

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  1. Good for you! That's got to feel wonderful and peaceful.